3 bucks a book project

My friend Gale, an exceptional woman, recently contacted me about her fundraising plan for an orphanage school in Tanzania. She traveled there last year to help children who were blind or had vision impairments. While there she witnessed the severe poverty the children live in. She did assessments, provided braille materials and became a part of their community. She met and worked with some passionate, dedicated people who have made it their life's goal to help these children and they are indeed making a difference.
Donna is one of these people. In addition to working at the school and fighting to get funding for desks (and then fighting to get customs to release them without a bribery payment), new plaster on the school walls, and now text books, she runs an adventure company that offers wilderness excursions. This company helps her and her husband make a living as well as supply the community with much needed resources. You can read more here: Maasai Wanderings.

The 3 Bucks a Book campaign's goal is to provide 1500 books to supply the entire school of 850 students and growing, with all the books they need. Please take a moment to check out this link for more information: Ilkurot Primary & Nursery School. If you would like to provide textbooks for the curious and smiling students at Ilkorut at three bucks a book, please send your payment to my Paypal account (angieburr[at]mac.com). Just writing that sounds like a scam, but really, all money will go to Ilkorut via Gail and I will be contributing from my Etsy sales as well. If you would rather send a check to Gail directly, please contact me and I will arrange it. Gail is accepting checks but in order to keep her information private and not flying all over the web, I will use my paypal account and then send her a check from all the donations.

The deadline is Thanksgiving , the end of harvest season, a time of thanks-giving when we are aware and grateful for our own abundance.

Thank you!


Kerry and Rachel said...

What a wonderful cause. We'll look at the information.

angie said...

thanks Kerry and Rachel!