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I am currently working towards being a more aware and conscientious consumer. As we import more and more goods, it's important to know where they come from, who made them and what are we supporting with our dollars.

To make it oh-so-easy, I look to a few Fair Trade companies for colorful pieces to brighten up my home or for handmade presents. Knowing the craftspeople were paid a living wage, as well as helping to keep indigenous crafts alive, warms my heart. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

made in India
Global Exchange
Square Bamboo Salad Bowl Set $84.00
made in Vietnam
Global Exchange
Winter Blossom Bag $38.00
made in Vietnam

Chulucanas Vase $48
made in Peru
Ten Thousand Villages

Why buy Fair Trade?
I think Global Exchange says it best:
Our consumer spending choices affect people's lives around the world. The products we enjoy are often made in conditions that harm workers, communities and the environment. But increasingly consumers are demanding more humane, more environmentally sensitive products.

In today's world economy, where profits rule and small-scale producers are left out of the bargaining process, farmers, craft producers, and other workers are often left without resources or hope for their future. Fair Trade helps exploited producers escape from this cycle and gives them a way to maintain their traditional lifestyles with dignity.

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Anonymous said...

Right on, girl! I also believe this is important and try to buy more consciously. Thanks for the reminder!
Hope you are well. Site looks great!