New Scarves + drawing to win

At last, here they are!
I had so much fun making these, I might have to make a few
more and post them later this week.
one. hemp/silk with tucks and gray suiting edge.
the scarf twists and has tucks down the length of the scarf.

two. silk and linen herringbone with exposed salvage edge.
the scarf twists in the center and has matching detailed stitching
at the center and each end.

three. pendleton herringbone wool with green suede details.
pieced throughout with a few folds for dimension.

I'm gathering ideas for a new scarf design. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the designs posted and/or what you think an ideal scarf design would be. As thanks for your participation in this, I will give one of these away.

To enter to win one of these lovelies (and for any I post later this week), please share your thoughts on these or share what your ideal scarf would be by leaving a comment. I will draw from all who commented and I will be oh-so-happy to send the winner their favorite scarf. I will share who the winner is next Monday, November 26th. Thanks!


Gina said...

Looking forward to seeing your designs. Just found your etsy shop. Love you jewelry.

satsumalynn said...

Angie ::

Oh, I love the silk/linen herringbone one – the texture, pattern, color is perfect for this cold (and getting colder) weather.

xo, lynn

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the silk and linen herringbone! Although I would happily sport any of the three.

Thanks for sharing!

Kerry and Rachel said...

I love the scarves! They are beautiful. I like that they can be worn for warmth (with the lovely wool) or fashion (with your delicate colors and patterns)

Mollie said...

My fav is the herribone scarf. Goes beautifully with my new vintage coat (hint hint). Just teasing. Your new stuff is great sweetie. The scarves look like you roll up in them and sleep. That's also my ideal scarf, so soft and colorful that it puts me in a dream.

Uncle Beefy said...

Found your blog via d*s comments. REALLY great looking. Bookmarked and will return for sure :) Love your pics. I love the brown herringbone scarf best but they're all beautiful.

Estelle said...

I like the blue silk one best, it looks so soft. My ideal scarf is soft, warm, hip and versatile. Since you wear it with any coat, it's great if it is a versatile color. Neutralish colors, I'd say. Maybe that's why other posts like the herringbone one most-just a guess.
I like the tucks and would love to see one with tons of tucks which would give it a textured feel. Hope this helps.

angie said...

thanks for the comments everyone! I really love hearing what makes your favorite scarf… you might just see some of these ideas in my new designs next week!

theoutdoorstamper said...


They're all beautiful! I think the first one is my favorite though... so whispy and airy yet with enough weight to it... I think that's what I'm looking for in a scarf. I get hot easily and I can only wear woolen or heavier scarves outside in winter, but then it's half hidden in my jacket! And once inside, it's too hot to keep wearing...

So how about a light, earth colored multi-tone hemp/silk scarf that could be worn year round, inside and outside, with just about anything! And even if you had one side in suddle earth tone variations and the other in lighter cheery colors, than it would even be reversible. :o) And I love Estelle's multiple tucks idea to add texture to it all. These tucks could be strategically placed to divide the color tones as well to give a patchwork effect.

As I reread my description, I realize it's a lot clearer in my head than it is in my comment. Oh well, I hope it inspires you anyway.
Happy Thanksgiving!


ibtamit said...

the one thing I know about you is that you wear a scarf so well! the little unexpected things is what makes your designs so clever. the soft feeling of your colors. I would say that adding some more adornment to any scarf makes it special. tucks and puckers, felted wool additions would be fun also, dare I say beads?
your 3 new scarfs and great and can not wait to see more stuff from you, when you get back of course. I hope the Danes inspire your new designs.

crazyarn said...

They are all lovely but my preference is the light blue silk one. It looks more comfortable to wear. Overall, you did a great job!

Thank you,