Green my Apple

I know I'm late on commenting on this brilliant campaign by Greenpeace but better late than never. I was very sad to find out the iMac I purchased in December has arsenic and mercury in it. Ugh! Apple is gradually answering the public's call to decrease hazardous materials in their products, decrease packaging and increase their use of recycled paper. I say they should increase the life span of their products too! I am very annoyed that I have to buy a whole new computer when all I need is a new motherboard. It would be nice if they could change their business model from selling more to selling less in terms of things that wear out and are thrown away in 3 (or less) years. Also, and sorry, just one more thing to say here, I really feel that they should be responsible for disposing of all of their products once a user is done with them. The cradle to cradle approach or Individual Producer Responsibility as Dell and Hewlett Packard (HP) call it, both support this principle. This principle would push the front end of product design and development to be more environmental and it would force them to look at the waste they create. This is something that is missing in the letter Steve Job wrote addressing the hazardous materials in their products and their process and goals for decreasing them. It's pretty broad. Click on the icon above to read more about the campaign. Let's help Apple be better and greener by voicing our opinions!

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Mollie said...

I did NOT know that about apple. I love my apple, but am super disappointed. Does the new Air have ecological issues too?

Thanks for the heads up.