Local Wednesday: Adam Arnold Clothier

A designer who doesn't read fashion magazines, rides his bike everywhere (sometimes balancing fabric bolts while riding), creates beautifully original, finely tailored clothing for men and women. Oh, and he's a daring, funny and delightful person. If you live in Portland and don't know about him… you do now! Here's his website to bookmark.

The two photos above are from the local weekly rag, the Portland Mercury. Adam Arnold, pictured wearing his own designs was featured as part of a "Back to the Earth in Portland" feature last fall. (Yep, I've been meaning to post this for a loooong time!)

Below are some shots from his fall 2007 show inspired by the Geodesic Dome by Buckminster Fuller. Photos by Christy Klep.

geodesic coat

Adam Arnold studio (By appointment: 727 SE Morrison St, 234-1376, adam-arnold.com), his clothes hang on display, where customers can browse through styles new and old (even those from 1996) before getting a made-to-measure fit.


sulu-design said...

Thanks so much for this introduction. I always appreciate your Portland-based suggestions. Adam's designs are wonderful.

Mollie said...

Beautiful! I love these clothes, especially that coat. Yummy! Great find Ang.