Local Wednesday: Stefan Nadelman

I have some very talented friends indeed. Stefan Nadelman is not only talented but funny, sweet, smart and very modest. A recent transplant from the great NYC, he quickly found his way into the music community here and has used his talents in motion graphics and animation to collaborate on an exceptional video for Menomena. Most people have to poke and prod him to find this fact out. Thanks to this blog, I can brag about his talents for him. If you are blown away by this, go to his website to see more.

I do have to include this one he did of his dog Duke, as well. Such a simple video but it makes me laugh every time.

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Callidix said...

Thanks to your blog, you can boast on a friend? Thanks to your blog, period! (okay, there haven't been any periods, yet)

I managed to wait this long to read you here, and arrive to find that you're as prolific here as you are in every other aspect of your creative life. And it's great to see your work, and the work of other Portland artists. In the words of the cuencanos, ¡Que bestia!