April Show: Constellations

It's official! I will be showing my new series of encaustic and thread paintings titled Constellations at Idom on the last Thursday of April (the 24th). If you can't wait to get your hands on one, you can go to my etsy site to purchase a small size version for $30. If you live in Portland and would like an invite to the show, please send me a note with your email and Modi at Idom will send one to you! Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting some new people too!


sulu-design said...

Congratulations on the show at Idom - perhaps I'll meet you in person there. I love these pieces, and am excited that you'll have a showing of them. And your mention of the Black Angels in the previous post made my heart skip a beat... oh, how I love them.

angie said...

thanks so much Susan! I'll pass your email onto Modi for an invite! I hope Kyra posts some pictures of the Black Angels.