mr. bruce springsteen

My friend Molly wrote a great post about seeing Bruce recently. When I'm looking for good, honest humor about life and being a mom (even though I'm not), I read Molly's blog. She has a wicked since of humor.

Anyway, I had to repost his adorable picture here and say how much I wish I could afford a ticket to see him tonight! $100 a ticket is a little bit too much. A friend and I were discussing how we could sneak in. I think I'm a little old to be trying that but it was fun thinking how we could do it, what disguises we could wear and what music would accompany the act.

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Mollie said...

You're too sweet, thank you for the rockin' words. You should've snucck in, the roadies were pretty old and probably couldn't keep up with you young vixens.