Off I go to New Mexico!

I fly tomorrow (Tuesday) to New Mexico to continue working on a little straw bale guest house a few friends and I are building outside of Santa Fe. Working on this house has become an annual gathering of good friends who like to build and create together. We've been working on it for 4 years, spending a few weeks there every spring or summer. Building a straw bale is like making a ceramic house. Most of the work is applying layers and layers of mud plaster.

It takes a lot of hands (I'm in the striped shirt in the doorway) to make a wall as smooth as this…I should probably finish packing since I leave tomorrow at 8am! See you all next Thursday. I'll post new pictures so you can see what we were up to out there in the desert. Have a great few weeks!

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Esti said...

have fun! Enjoy your time! create!