PiP Gallery Show

24 artist, 24 hour show at PiP Gallery was so much fun! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and if you love one of the pieces, let me know, it might still be available! Did I also mention, the pieces were only $24 for the night?! They might be a little more expensive now. Ryan Dobrowski, artist and PiP gallery owner, gets to say how much they are now ;)

Ryan painting the windows to promote the show.

After meeting at the 11am start time, everyone got to work. I decided that I would create pieces from materials I found at Scrap that day. It's always a joy going to Scrap. The non-profit is a fantastic place in my neighborhood that promotes community creative reuse of materials that are normally thrown away. Not only are the materials super cheap, there are always gems like dental x-rays to be found there. I also picked up The New York Times and The Washington Post for articles to inspire my work. I wanted to really push the 24 hour theme into everything… the materials and the concepts and inspiration… all found and created in 24 hours.

I shared my floor space with wonderfully talented Sarah Landwehr (her etsy site). She created beautiful stick puppets. Oh how I wish I had a picture of them! sorry.

Jackie Avery was also part of our second floor crew. You can see her amazing work here. I'm lame and don't have any pictures of her work either, doh! If I find someone who captured a few shots, I'll be sure to post them.
First floor crew busy workin' hard.

one of my first paintings that night. my favorite little country house scene. this piece didn't end up making it into the final show. i changed her a bit and it's now for sale on my etsy site.

collaborative wall mural

drum roll please… after 24 hours (without sleep) and lot of work and play…here are my final 16 pieces! The first 12 were part of in the news series and the last 4 were titled modern flora. The materials used were file folders, the kind with the metal tabs and letters, wax, pigment, thread, sparkly gold vinyl and a few other elements.

Here's how the sparkly yellow vinyl glows with the flash on.

The news articles for these (above) included (from left to right): Lawmakers Fault FDA on Heparin, Cost and Shortages Threaten Farmers' Crucial Tool: Fertilizer, Soaring Food Prices Imperil Meals for Poor in Cambodia, With Books as a Catalyst, Minneapolis Neighborhood Revives, Shrinking Dollar Meets Its Match In Dolphin Teeth, Who Needs Cachet If You Have New York (about the Tribeca Film Festival)
The news articles for these (above) included (from left to right): Security Council Voices Reluctance to Act on Zimbabwe, Northwest Air CEO Could Get Big Payday, Record Profits Reported for BP and Shell, the last 3 are titled modern flora


leslie said...

beautiful blog you have !

sulu-design said...

It was a fun, high energy show, and your pieces were fabulous. So nice to run into you again!

Esti said...

I'm impressed. So mnay nice pieces on folders, wow

Mollie said...

Yeah on selling so many pieces. I'm looking at the ones on your site for my many empty walls!