Etsy favs

Object - stone by layerbylayer, $65, etsy site

Canvas Shoulder Bag/Upcycled Post Bag/black and white lining
by stiksel $80 etsy site

Connectedness by groundwork, etsy site

S Bag by Quote faux leather Japan Street design bag
by HOWEVER, etsy site

Tea Bag Plate by khphillips, $10, etsy site

D21 entre Boiat et le Bois, France
by kellypacker, sorry folks, I had to pick this one up for myself!
she has more on her etsy site.


Laura said...

Great Etsy finds! :)

stacy said...

The post bag is great!

sulu-design said...

Geez... I bury my head in the metaphorical computer sand for a week and come back to find such a wealth of information here! I love the etsy shops you've featured, and your post about the music blog a day or two before was a great resource.
And the recently jewelry you've made is GORGEOUS - I love the delicacy of it. It reminds me of the lovely thread lines that run through your artwork. So glad I unearthed myself today!

angie said...

Thanks everyone! I was looking for the perfect non-sporty biodegradable biker bag when I found these. OH… the hours you can spend on Etsy! please let me know if any of you know of a bag that might match what I'm looking for! I'm getting a little impatient.