Thirty-one! show - tomorrow

OH gosh, there's so much to do and only ONE of me. Everyone I know is feeling that way lately. Well, if you live in Portland and aren't already overbooked for Friday (tomorrow) night, there's a great benefit show that might be perfect for you.

the show: Thirty-one artists have taken on the challenge to paint thirty-one paintings in thirty-one days. The resulting 961 new paintings will be unveiled at the opening extravaganza on Aug. 1st, 2008. Nine hundred and thirty small paintings (7" x 7") will be for sale for thirty-one dollars each. Thirty-one larger paintings (20" x 20") will be silently auctioned at the opening (opening bid...thirty-one dollars).

the greater good: A portion of the proceeds from "Thirty-one!" will be donated to Artists for the Arts whose mission is to ensure that the arts remain an integral part of education for children in Portland Metro-area schools. AFTA raises funding and awareness through the collaborative efforts of artists, businesses, educators, organizations and the community.

curator and organizer:
Flora S. Bowley is a painter and arts organizer living in Portland, OR.

Again, that's tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 1st, 2008, at OM Tradition Arts. 14 NE 10th Ave. @ E. Burnside, Portland, OR. Here's their website. See you there!

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