time to make a little present

Along with writing a few (way) overdue letters to great aunts and family, I had time to make a necklace for my dear friend's birthday and I thought I'd share a picture.

Today I volunteered at my local cooperative grocery store (Alberta Co-op) and then had a nice long coffee or fika, with a friend at Bean (my new favorite coffee shop). I'm loving this staycation!

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Forest Park for a long run and then wander the International Rose Test Garden and smell, smell, smell! Seriously, for any of you visiting, the Rose Garden is a must. You won't believe the variations in both flower and scent. It's intoxicating! Hope you are all having a good week so far.


design for mankind. said...

What a sweet and beautiful day you're having! :)

Danca said...

Beautiful, delicate, just right... I wish you all the best, and all the fun at your next show!:))

angie said...

thanks ladies! i hope you two get a vacation or staycation soon too. i know you've both been working hard!