call for participants: The Scavenger

Erin over at Design for Mankind has done it again! She's joined forces on another brilliant project, this time with Art House. The project is called The Scavenger and she says: "if you want your work to (a). gain exposure, (b). be PUBLISHED, (c). have an official spot on the gallery wall of Art House Co-Op, or (d). all of the above, read on." Click here to read more and sign up! I'm very excited to see what all comes in my kit so I can get started!

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design for mankind. said...

Oh yay! thank you angie!!!!

so glad you signed up and you're joining in on the fun. we'll have a flickr group soon so we can all upload our progress!

EEK! so excited! :)

hope you're well dear, and thank you for the sweet link. ;)