commission goodness

I recently completed a commission for an absolutely delightful lady in the Midwest. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience and I think the pieces turned out fabulously! The constellations from left to right are: Cancer (Crab), Phoenix, Delphinus, Piscis Australis, Draco, Ursa Minor (pictured above), Cygnus (Swan), Lacerta (Lizard), Scorpius (Scorpion). Thank so very much Emily!


emily said...

thanks angie!--it makes me feel really good to know that despite the eventual disaster i brought about, you still think i'm a good customer. you're pretty fantastic yourself. :] and you're right: fabulous is exactly the right word for these pieces. :]

angie said...

Absolutely Emily! I can't wait to see them hanging in your home. It will just be a little bit more waiting ;) *a

gigi said...

those are fabulous. seriously.