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Fall always brings memories of going back to school. Target was my one stop shopping spot then too. Thanks Roadside Scholar! The fantastic music is by Natasja Saad, a Danish musician rapper and reggae singer who was killed in a car accident in June, 2007.


SMF.sportychic said...

Despite the fact that I have been out of school for quite a bit, I still fiend to go back to school shopping, both for clothes and school supplies. And to get my fix, I go to Target and get a batch of pencils, pens and cool papers!

sulu-design said...

I saw this commercial when I was at the gym the other day... it totally got me running faster on the treadmill.
I don't know if Target existed when I started college. Hmmm.

angie said...

here's to us and our yester-school years! we're still rockin' it. Susan, if you want to pick up the song, it's Calabria by Enur. I think it would help me run a little faster too… good idea! *a