sad mac but happy show

encaustic, thread on plywood, 11" x 11"


My iMac has decided to not start up for me… sounds like some good fun, huh? It's times like these that I'm so very thankful to have my old reliable Powerbook G4 at the ready to keep me connected and working.

On the flip side, I just dropped off the last painting (Pisces, shown above) for the show tomorrow night at Pip Gallery. Ryan Dobrowski, the owner, is so sweet it hurts. As I've mentioned before, he and his band (Blind Pilot) are going on tour by bicycle (yeah, they're very cool and fit people!). If you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring something so cool, please contact them. They need some funding and for the right company it could be great advertising! A few of their friends are making a documentary film about it too. You can read about their experience on their blog here. Sorry to keep going on about them, but I just think it's so great they are touring by bike!

My posts might be a little sparse while the iMac is in the shop. Have a great Wednesday! *a


Erika Lee Sears said...

Can't wait to see all your paintings up live. Your work is pretty amazing!


angie said...

thank you so much Erika! I hope to have them up tomorrow. I'm sorry we didn't chat at the 24 show forever ago. I hope our paths cross again!