New work : Yellena for Anthropology

Yellena is so talented! This is her fine work on the Anthropology website.

A few more extra tricks to check out:
If you hold the mouse pointer over the “Menu” button at the bottom, it turns into a dragable navigation window…
AND, if you hold the mouse pointer over the accessory pics, all this other cool stuff happens…congrats Yellena! It looks fantastic! *a


Danca said...

Hi Angie,
nice to hear from you on my little blog!:) I love this A. ad Yellena did, oh and the shoes I want so bad. Yellena just moved to Portland, hope you get to hang out! I'm looking fwd. to your paintings... Danca

Stacy said...

I had no idea. Super cute shoes!

p.s. I am starting a gift exchange for this holiday season and thought you might enjoy participating. You can get all the details at my blog, here

angie said...

Hi Danca. I hope to see Yellena again soon! She's super fun to hangout with!

Thanks Stacy! That sounds like lots of fun!