IDOM : fall/holiday 08

This is a very rare capture of Modi Soondarotok, New York Designer, owner of Idom, now Portlander. It was captured when we shot her fall line. I think I owe her lots of expensive drinks for posting it. You can read more about this incredible world traveling designer and see more of her work on her blog.

I couldn't resist sharing some of these pieces from her Fall 08 collection. They will be available on her website soon but if you can't wait (like me) give her a call at her shop, Idom, 503.477.6818.


IDOM said...

you are so good to me! thank you for all your help. you are truly amazing!

Danca said...

Oh, I loooove Idom! And I want it all! I'll go visit once I come to Portland.
Thanks for leaving a happy b-day for my grandma! She's like a little turtle, I say :))).

IDOM said...

you do owe me loads of expensive drinks!! just kidding. you are so good to me. i should owe you many yummy drinks and some thai food. thank you for post.