Artist: Miranda Gray

It's true, I'm a farm girl at heart and always will be. I grew up in rural Iowa and have a deep love of the farming life. Miranda Gray's Farm Project Paintings capture its beauty in quiet detail. Miranda paints with egg tempera, a painstaking technique that involves crushing pigments and mixing with the egg yolk for each color. She is represented by the Shelby Fleetwood Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Thank you Miranda for letting me post your beautiful work!
Jim and his pigs, 8" x 10", egg tempera
Casa Verde Graziers, Leyba, New Mexico; Jim Whiteker
by Miranda Gray

Raspberries, 8" x 8", egg tempera
Duke's Raspberry Ranch, Edgewood, New Mexico; Madelyn Hastings
by Miranda Gray
Yarn, 8" x 8", egg tempera
Refugio Verde, Rivera, New Mexico; Coral Clark
by Miranda Gray

Tractor - beautiful morning, 8" x 8", egg tempera
El Bosque Garlic Farm, Dixon, New Mexico; Stanley Crawford
by Miranda Gray
Bison, 8" x 8", egg tempera
Picuris Pueblo Bison Program, Picuris; Pueblo, New Mexico; Joey & David Sam
by Miranda Gray

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