LAVA/MakMax and TOKO : Green Void

LAVA designed the ‘Green Void' installation specifically for the Customs House central atrium which spans through all five levels. Suspended from the top level Café Sydney restaurant, a vertical distance of almost 20m, the sculpture provides an intense visual contrast to the beautifully restored heritage interior of Customs House. GREEN VOID is a digital design, derived from nature, realized in lightweight fabric, using the latest digital fabrication and engineering techniques, to create more with less. Comprised of 3000 cubic meters of space is enclosed within a minimal surface area of 300 square meters and uses only 40 kg of lightweight material.

Tensile Membrane Company Mak Max, the engineers and fabricators of the sculpture have developed a unique workflow from digital design to Digital Fabrication of complex shapes. Graphic design by emerging graphic designers TOKO, featuring a 3dimensionally layered catalogue, a wireframed mediawall, and projections onto the building.


IDOM said...

wow!! it is amazing!! thank you so much for sharing. such a brilliant idea. hope you had a great day.

Danca said...

Hmmm... very intriguing! I wonder if clothes can be made this way? It would be funny...
Great and inspiring! Thanks!