Music Monday : Erykah Badu

photo : Rolling Stone
It's a gray, boring day here in Portland and even after a run, I'm feeling blah. I need some sort of boost to rock through my to-do list, something other than indie rock. I do believe some funky soul is in order. I'm turning up the speakers and am going to jump into the list with the well-known, stunningly beautiful, Erykah Badu helping me along. Links: myspace, website. If you're in the same mood, Zap Mama is a great choice too.

photo : Steve Tackett, Rolling Stone

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House of Milk said...

i saw erykah badu with the roots in Oakland, Ca last year. it was such an amazing show. admittedly i was more going to see the roots but i left the show a huge fan of hers... now i can't get enough! anyway, thanks for the link love, and i adore your blog, you really have a way with words :)