Music Monday : Jonathan Boulet and White Lies

Two new bands I listened to over the weekend were Jonathan Boulet and White Lies. They are at opposite ends of the music spectrum – one is folksy and the other is electronic. Boulet is a 20 year old with an exceptional voice from South Wales, Australia.

Links: Jonathan Boulet: myspace,

White Lies reminds me a little of The Killers in sound but the lyrics are dark. I must say I didn't dive too far into either band's history. I just listened to them while working and thought you might enjoy them while you work too. Visually, I enjoyed the contrast of the two bands' branding – Boulet's watercolor type and illustration are sweet and a little precious and White Lies's full-sized video website is kinda cool in a design-techy kinda way. What do you think?

White Lies: myspace, website, pitchfork review

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