Music Monday : Passion Pit

HELLO! Sorry about the lack of posts. I was busy finishing up my portfolio to send to Denmark's Designskole. Once it was in FedEx's capable hands, I happily celebrated with friends - seeing live music and enjoying a few drinks. Then, I decompressed for a week and now I'm BACK!

I'm really into poppy dance music lately and again, I'm a bit behind on this one but this week's Music Monday pick is Passion Pit, an American electronic band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. The band's debut EP Chunk of Change started out as 6 songs written for Angelakos's then-girlfriend that became popular at Emerson College. They released their first full-length studio album Manners on May 19, 2009.

Listening this morning has me movin', answering emails and lining up meetings for the week and I haven't even had my tea yet! The links: myspace, website

Enjoy! *a

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