Favorite Flav Friday

Welcome to the first Favorite Flav Friday. I will include whatever has caught my eye and delighted my taste buds that week. Come back every Friday. I'll be here.

Firstly, I've also been drooling over Idom's Dylan inspired new autumn collection. Modi has included gorgeous colors, textures and draping with bold feminine lines. She is so incredibly talented – always pushing the boundaries. I wish I could see them in person!

Secondly, for the past few weeks, I've been craving a new pair of shoes. Maybe it's the winter weather, or maybe it's my upcoming trip to Spain for the holidays that has me wanting some new beautiful heels. My first stop was Kurt Greiger. Many of my favorites have heels I think I would snap off on my first wear – I'm not a delicate walker. Small in size but mighty in my clomp. These keep calling my name saying they want to go to Spain with me for New Year's Eve.

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IDOM said...

hi angie, hope you are happy and healthy in denmark. thank you so much for your sweet post. glad you are leaning how to knit. can not wait to see your new work.
thank you again.