I'm busy thinking about art, textiles, travel and the lost art of writing (you know, the old fashioned way using a pen and paper).

Yes, I'm busy thinking about a lot of things. Here's a few visuals for my thoughts this week:

Art: I went to 7 am meditation classes this week and I'm finally not falling asleep! Meditation is wonderful and it makes me feel more relaxed and better able to let go of the little crap that can occupy my brain. It would probably be better if I didn't drive after though because I get a little spacey and dreamy like this pretty painting by one of my favorite Portland, Oregon artists, Kendra Binney. Here's her etsy store.
Textiles: I finally acknowledged my absolute LOVE for textiles! I mean, I've always loved a fine Liberty of London pattern and the hand of a houndstooth wool/silk blend but I'm now looking at graduate programs. If some of these things make you ga-ga too, check out this fabulous magazine: Selvedge.org out of London.

Travel! Next week I'm going to Bustins Island, a cute little isolated paradise off the coast of Maine for my friend Amy's wedding. I can't find the information about the island right now but my understanding is there are almost no cars allowed, all activities involve water somehow and I'll be lucky if I can get internet access. Sweet! I'm excited! I'll post lots of pretty pictures when I return.

Writing! I type all day long and text message and sadly, can hardly actually write, you know with a pen on paper, without getting hand cramps. To alleviate this, I'm going to make a list of people to write to in the next week and recover my once lovely penmanship! If you're like me and need some really gorgeous cards to get inspired, check out my dear friend Lynn Russell's letterpress work on her website or on her etsy store.

Whew… I'm tired. Have a great Friday ya'll!


Papaver Vert said...

Hi Angie!
Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It truly made my day!
Love your etsy shop (such beautiful and feminine pieces) and your blog (love Selvedge). Very inspiring!

nicole lecht said...

just love lynns work, it's so warm and pretty! you do great work yourself my dear!!!