beautiful color

I've been busy setting up my new studio. It's going to take a lot more cleaning to get rid of all of the drywall dust. That stuff is really messy! But a few more days and all will be spic and span and ready for me to start dyeing a new line of scarves and paining a sweet little series of paintings. I've dyed fiber off and on for many years and as some of you know, it is one of my dearest loves. My friend Amy has witnessed this love when we dyed a few pieces together eons ago when I lived in Denver. So when she got married this past fall we came up with creating a golden orange wedding wrap to include into her very personal ceremony. She really warmed my heart when she said they keep it on their bed and that it reminds her of 'liquid sunshine.'

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Kerry and Rachel said...

Lovely color! The dye and the material are such a nice photo, as are your friends.