Local Wednesday

I decided I needed to get my act together on this blogging thing. I'm coming up with a list of blog categories that will be featured weekly. One is "Local Wednesday." Featuring favorite companies, organizations, people, events and inspiration found in Oregon.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pendleton Oregon. Oh, how I love their blankets. They are the perfect weight and I really enjoy knowing it's made locally with a strong tradition in reproducing Native American Designs. I tend to favor the more graphic designs like the Laguna and the Park Blanket series. If you live in Oregon and feel like a little drive, check out their store in Pendleton. They sell samples and yardage of their beautiful wool there. You can also take a tour and learn about their 140 year old history and how they make these gorgeous blankets.


Glacier National Park Blanket
Produced since the early 1900's, these designs honor
America's treasured National Parks.
$140.00 - $178.00

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