happy new year!

After too many rainy, gray days, the day opened with a bright sunrise and then again the sun shone around noon. Delicious! It definitely helped me pick up the pace and be inspired!

I'm working on so many projects right now, I'm a little overwhelmed. But that's my preferred state, so I'm happy. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of a few screen prints I'm working on designing. I plan on printing them over the weekend so check in on Monday for pictures.

Oh and here are the little boiled wool lovelies I made for the 2nd Annual Ornament Swap. They all have their own personality. I was terribly late getting them out after returning from Denmark. Sorry fellow swappers! Thank you for sending me such wonderful ornaments! Thanks to you, I had some pretty ornaments to decorate the house with.

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Ellen said...

Hi Angie, I got my ornament yesterday and I can't wait to pull it out again next year! Thanks!