off to a sunny quiet spot

Tomorrow I'm flying to Arizona for a family gathering. My father and his wife live in Iowa City, Iowa and since airfares have increased so dramatically, we opted to meet in a sunny central (and less expensive in terms of airfare) spot. My brother lives outside of Phoenix and the airfares are direct and less expensive for my father and I. In addition to catching up with my family I will be visiting Arcosanti, one of my favorite southwestern spots. Years ago I used to live and pour bronze there and still have some dear friends I share some crazy memories with of our time there. It is located just an hour north of Phoenix and I highly recommend people visit. A sweet Italian architect, Paolo Soleri started it back in the late 70's and it serves as his "Urban Laboratory." It's quite a unique and special place.

I'm excited to see some friends I haven't seen in years who still live there, my friend's new baby, and to be in the beautiful desert again.

May you all get some time in the sunshine this week! I'll be back next Wednesday.

My favorite guest rooms EVER. Simple and quiet with an incredible view.

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