soakin' it up!

It's been a bit busy for me since my show on Thursday. I was soaking up time with friends and helping Blind Pilot get their blog up before they head out on their bikes for their West Coast Tour. I want to say a special thanks to my new beautiful friend, Susan, from Sulu Designs, Modi from Idom and Stefan, from Tourist Pictures for popping by my show. It's always nice seeing you all!

I also enjoyed a few treats with unexpected but wonderful flavor combinations. The first was basil and ginger snap ice cream at my favorite cart: Jr Ambassador's. Really, he creates the most delightful combinations ever and he's very sweet too. The other unexpected but wonderful flavor combination was my own baking mistake turned delicious. In an effort to be healthy, I set out to make gluten-free, fruit sweetened muffins from my Dr.'s Homemade Cookbook. All was well until I mistook my curry powder for cinnamon. Ooops (at the time I said something a little less benign)! So I scrapped out as much as I could and they turned out wonderfully! I can't really taste the curry but do think it added just a little extra flavor.


sulu-design said...

The pleasure was all mine, lady! You're show was fabulous, and it's always a delight to hang out with you. Hopefully we can do it again soon, perhaps at my place.
I'm glad that you linked to Stefan's site. I'm so enjoying checking out his work.

angie said...

Love to Susan! Isn't Stefan's work amazing?! I love his dog videos (that's his dog, Duke, by the way).