Vancouver B.C.

I love Vancouver B.C.! With a population of 2.1 million (metropolitan area), it feels like the perfect mix between NYC, San Francisco and London. A beautiful, diverse, metropolitan city surrounded by marinas, beaches and mountains. I look forward to visiting again… or maybe moving there someday.

The Buchan Hotel, my very affordable hotel just a block from Stanley park.
The central location made up for it's aged 70's decor.
The Vancouver Convention Center has the largest eco roof in North America.
It was the perfect place for an afternoon picnic.

A fast walking park cat.

Sunset on the beach.

Tree top building.

Beautiful refraction.

Um… what? I'm still in Canada right?


Esti said...

I'd love to visit Vancouver some day! it's actual soemthing I daydream often... :)

Emily said...

I love the tree on top of the house. It looks like so many of the cities I draw. Except my trees always end up being leafless :( Maybe I'll take inspiration from this one!