A sunny autumn day in Kolding, Denmark

I promised some photos this week. Here you are! I will post more from Design Week in Copenhagen this weekend. Enjoy.

I'm not a big sweets person but oh my was this Danish incredible! I may have to run an extra mile or two so I can enjoy these once and a while, or once a week.

This is my favorite grass roof or turf roof house. [correction it is a thatch roof] . I enjoy that the house next door is the opposite- modern, brown with defined lines. (image below)

Another house with the same roof technique. I have found information about 'turf houses' in Iceland but this is different. I will do some research and let you know or if you know, please comment.

There are lots of little green paths cutting between streets here and there throughout town. This one leads to the harbor.

My favorite lil' dock. The boards look a little unstable and every time I'm a bit scared I'll fall through.
My fears are relieved after seeing this ladder. I guess it's not that deep.

I hope the sun is shining brightly wherever you are! *a


Hector said...

hooray, turf roofs!

zaida said...

Hi Angie
you may be interested in this information. I saw those roofs in the Netherlands last summer and was very surprised too.



keep enjoying your European tour!!

Allie said...

Definitely thatch roofs. Beautiful aren't they? They are made out of a special variety of reed. My uncle actually knows how to make them and has thatched a number of roofs in England.

Wonderful pictures.

(Allie's) Thomas.

angie said...

Thanks Zaida and Thomas. Thank you for your links and comments on the thatched roofs. They are so beautiful and strange. I would love to help build one.