Etsy fav : Bunnies

Maybe it's all the serious political videos and news I'm watching and reading lately that made me want to dedicate a post to cute bunnies today. No matter the reason, here they are…

The Land of Snow Bunnies - Art Print. $15 : pipodoll

small bunny vase. $45 : prettyrandomobjects

in the field of dreams $38 trishgrantham

bunny likes tea. $24 : sarahjanestudios

(a real bunny) Adam West. $35 : Oregon Human Society


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

awww who doesn't love bunnies. :) even thou bunnies are kinda smelly up close.

Anonymous said...

aww..i love the crazy furry ones like this:


angie said...

I agree Erika! It still surprises the heck out of me that they can be potty trained.

And Julia, those Angora bunnies hurt me they're so cute!

The Fab Miss B said...

Just what I needed right about now.